1. How old are you?
I am 14

2. How will you help the server? What future plans do you have to further improve the server?
I plan to help/improve the community. I plan to always be positive and stop any aggressive arguments on the server.
I am against toxicity and will try to stop any unnecessary arguments among myself or any other players.
I know a lot of people on the server and some of the smaller players need help with small issues but there normally
isn't someone that will help them with small things like like /vote and the loot boxes.

3. What makes you different from the other players?
I hate toxicity and try to prevent arguments.
I do have a good bit of hours in this game and have an overall understanding of the game. I help basically anyone who asks for help.
If someone needs help with anything i will go out of my way to help them

4. Have you ever been banned on ANY Unturned servers? If yes, why?

5. What position are you applying for?
I am applying for Helper

6. Your IGN?
My in game name is MBlais13 but since I have unturned gold i have access to multiple characters and the main character

7. Steam Profile Link?

8. Your time zone?
Eastern Standard Time (Ontario. windsor)

9. Steam 64 ID:

10. Any former warning or issues you have had on the server.
I have not had any issues with staff nor any warning's

11. Any software or programming language knowledge?
I have a little bit of knowledge on programming on lua and C#, But not enough to help program the server

12. Temperament?
I am overall a calm person.

13. Have you helped the server's staff or community by this point in any way possible?
I have told staff about glitch bases and cheaters. If you count pvp, I have helped some staff in pvp as well.

14. Knowledge of languages rated 1 to 10
I only speak English 8.5/10

15. Other info: (Optional)
I am a very empathetic and reasonable person. I'm always polite to everyone in the community, I am never rude if I die in game.
I really enjoy the server and hope to help as a normal player or as a Admin

If someone needs help with anything i will go out of my way to help them

(it says i have about 690 hours but my steam glitched and i have over 800)