1. How old are you?

2. How will you help the server what future plans do you have to further improve the server?
I will help to make sure people follow the rules during an server rules updates or a special events with special rules

3. What makes you different from other players?
I'm always friendly, unless im attacked First, i have an good knowledge of unturned with 2800 hours played

4. Have you been banned on any unturned server, if yes why

5. What position are you applying for?
Helper or what you need for help you

6. Your IGN?

7. Steam profile link?

8. Timezone?
UTC -4

9. Steam 64 id?

10. Any former warning or issues you have on the server?

11. Any software or programming language knowledge?
Im currently learning C#, but its only the basic things

12. Temperament.
Friendly, unless attacked or betrayed

13. Have you helped the server staff of community by this point in any way possible?
Yes, I already helped some people that don't remember how to use commands cause they don't know they can do /p

14. Knowledge of languages rated 1 to 10 communication wise.
English 8 - French 10

15. Other info
I own an Vanilla Server