how old are you
i am 15 years old

2.How will you help the server what future plans to you have to further improve the server?
it's just my overall knowledge of what to do as a i know a lot of things about the server, but i just want to do what i can to contribute to making UB a greater place if that means staying on discord for and hour or helping someone, even if i it wastes my i know a lot about the game so i can help a lot to some new players that have happened to join having a ruff time time, and im also pretty known in the community so it would be pretty cool to be a be a staff of the first sever i ever joined on unturned. Finally i know if i do happen to get a staff role i know right or wrong between something,like i can't just ban someone if i THINK they are hacking i need valid proof and a lot if i do like someone im not going to be on there side i will here both sides of their story and take it from there

3.What makes you different from other players?
Im willing to do whatever it takes to make the experience bettere for the players even if it means lose a lot of time on a project.I will also be happy if everything goes the right way as planned and i will be willing to do even more stuff for the network

4.Have you ever been banned on ANY Unturned servers? If yes, why?
No I have not.

5. What position are you applying for?
I am applying for Moderator any positions that available for me because I can do most thing.

6. Your IGN

7. Steam Profile Link

8. Your timezone?
Central European Time

9. Steam 64 ID:

10. Any former warning or issues you have had on the server.

11. Any software or programming language knowledge?
maybe but not much

12. Have you helped the servers staff or community by this point in anyway possible?
i am vip sometimes i gave loot

13. Other info: (Optional)
I am from Croat in English and it is not a strong side, but I know how to deal with people and how to help them