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BouncyArtifact's Ban Appeal (Now its Real Bouncy Boi)

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What is your in-game name? Was BouncyArtifact (Now is Real Bouncy Boi)

Steam ID64: 76561198849774621

What server were you banned on? I was banned on all of them.

What staff member were you banned by? I do not know.

To the best of your knowledge, when did this ban occur? A couple months to a year ago.

What is the reason given in the message when you try to log into the game? You have been banned from playing multiplayer (permban).

Why is it that you feel you should be un-banned? I feel as though I should be banned as i have truly repented for the glitchbasing and a couple weeks ago I realized that it really was a unfair advantage (I had like 14 hordes).

Do you have any further proof to help your case? I do not have any further proof that you can check other than that I haven't made a glitchbase in any other server after this ban.
Posted Jan 6, 19 · OP
I will shorten your ban to three weeks.

Posted Jan 7, 19 · Last edited Jan 7, 19