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RainBow's Staff Application

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1. How old are you?
i am 16 years old

2. How will you help the server what future plans do you have to further improve the server?
my main priority is ofc catching hackers and ban them as fast as possible so the hackers dosent kill too many people .my second priority is removing glitched based or make so you cant use glitches .if somone have a glitched base the base will almost never gett raided so that would be unfair to other players .same with glitches if people use glitches they get an andvantage for other players .if somoneone would report anything of this thing and i would be awake i would hope on and try to help so much i can.

3. What makes you different from other players?
1 thing is that i got over 2k hours in unturned so i have some experience so i know what i am doing.
im a helpfull player when people ask thing in chat i always try to give them a good answer.
and i have a own littel team called CRW i am the leader of the team.i have demi rank on the server and i never use all of the kits so i oft give away kits to people with out a rank so they can have some better stuff then the starter stuff

4. Have you been banned on any unturned server, if yes why?
i have played on this server for like 2-3 years so i dont really remeber if i have been banned or not
but i dont think i have been banned

5. What position are you applying for?
i am applying for helper or moderator
i dont want to apply for admin right away i want to earn it later.

6. Your IGN?

7. Steam profile link?

8. Timezone?

9. Steam 64 id?

10. Any former warning or issues you have on the server?
no warnings .my only issue is lag on EU2

11. Any software or programming language knowledge?
no i dont know any programming languages or any softwares but i will be happy to learn about it if it is needed

12. Temperament.
i dont get mad over normal player just hackers that keep killing you and kill my friend
only becuase of hackers i have rage quietet but i have a chill temperment

13. Have you helped the server staff of community by this point in any way possible?
i have reported some glitch bases and i know them have been removed by the admins and some hackers i have reported too.
14. Knowledge of languages rated 1 to 10 communication wise.
swedish 10 english 6/7 dutch 2 norwegian 8

15. Other info
at the moment i just play on unturnedbeast and i really like it here and have been playing for a long time and i like pvp i am rank 5 with almost 30k point and i dont like to play by my self i always try to find a teammate or more whne i play

:e: Thank you for Reading my Application :e:

:heart: Plese comment want i can get better at so i can learn :heart:
Posted Dec 31, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 31, 18
This application is good and well detailed. I am going to say+1.
What's your discord name on Unturned Beast discord?
Posted Jan 1, 19 · Last edited Jan 1, 19
my discord name is LennyBoi#0171
Posted Jan 2, 19 · OP
Accepted! Welcome to the staff team.
Helper: 29/08/2018
Mod: 12/09/2018
Admin: 30/11/2018
Posted Jan 4, 19 · Last edited Jan 4, 19