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1. How old are you?
I am 14 years old.

2. How will you help the server what future plans do you have to further improve the server?
I will try my best to keep the server fresh help new players and create a friendly atmosphere for older and younger players

3. What makes you different from other players?
Well i think i differ with one main thing which is helping out new players which i like the most its one of my favourite things to do as you bring fun to someone who just started

4. Have you been banned on any unturned server, if yes why?
I have got banned once which was on pandahut rp apparently kos but there was a guy with same name as me and accused me

5. What position are you applying for?
I am applying for mod,admin

6. Your IGN?

7. Steam profile link?

8. Timezone?

9. Steam 64 ID?

10. Any former warning or issues you have on the server?
I have no warning on any other servers.

11. Any software or programming language knowledge?
I know a bit of coding mostly python and html

12. Temperament.
I am mostly nice never going down to mood of ”tilted ” am always positive

13. Have you helped the server staff of community by this point in any way possible?
I have helped the moderators ban a person that creates cheats

14. Knowledge of languages rated 1 to 10 communication wise.
English is a solid 9
Polish is a 9
And spanish is a 4

15. Other info?
Am always online 2-6 hours a day i have over 600+ hours i have been staff before and am not a fan of abuse it just ruins the game
Posted Dec 3, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 3, 18

We are not looking for new staff members atm and this application needs more work and we are not accepting people who are applying for mod or admin (only helper)
Posted Dec 3, 18