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Northfaces's Ban Appeal

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Hello, I'm northface294 a lot of you may, or already know me. I was ban for hacking on the ub servers to test a staff member. I was not in the position at the time to test the staff member with these methods so I got a ban and demoted. I'm making this appeal because a staff member said maybe in a little while we can just forget about this and I can apply for helper again . I'd like to apply for helper again but the only problem is that my account is ban so I can not go on the servers and start to show myself being active again. If I could get a unban on my main which is northface294 than that would be great! I also plan NOT to hack on the servers again since I already learned my hard lesson from my previous mistake.
Posted Dec 1, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 1, 18
Cheaters don't get unbanned.

Helper: 29/08/2018
Mod: 12/09/2018
Admin: 30/11/2018
Posted Jan 4, 19