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staff member being quit rude

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So, my friend and I spent a lot of time searching for a chainsaw and building a 3x3 wooden base. We spent about half an hour doing it. This helper, Nightshadow, asks where I was. I didn't tell him and I asked why he wanted to know. He of course lied and said that he should know. I asked him if he was going to raid it or not, and he said he wasn't going to raid it.(knowing he said this there is an 88% chance this is a lie) As me and my friend were putting up lockers he comes in with a bunch of people (i believe it may have been 4 or 3) and they troll raid our base with miniguns, kill us and then act like absolute assholes, wiping a few floors and shooting everything but the lockers that had only a few starter kits in them. After this, he thinks he can buy back our admiration with a bunch of kits, giving off our base location, causing multiple people to come and kill us. All of the loot they didn't take out of the lockers was lost by this point. We got the items from the kits, but of course, most of the server knew where we were by this stage. So basically, everything was gone, fucking up our day and making us not want to play this game anymore. I feel like shit and I mean this when I say this, I feel like I am not welcome on this server now because the staff members are troll raiding peoples bases and expecting to buy our respect back with loot we don't even want. Think of it like giving yourself modded money in GTAV; its useless and removes the fun part of Unturned, which is grinding for your stuff.
Posted Oct 21, 18 · OP
The staff member that has been reported is no longer staff, therefor this is closed.

Helper: 29/08/2018
Mod: 12/09/2018
Admin: 30/11/2018
Posted Jan 4, 19